THE GITAWAY BOX by Hilary Milton


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Don't nothin' beat love an grit and corn toasties an' moscyin' along a ways with an old man and his young 'un hard travellin' back to Alabama after Chris loses his folks in an automobile accident. They've got a gitaway box for their b'longin's which ain't much after the store repossesses their ""t and v"" and it seems like the Country Assistance wants to catch-a-holt of Chris. Paw-paw never gives up until almos' the end when his ticker is givin' out and Chris shows he's like his pa with some ""real man-doin's""--he keeps a fellow from drownin' and runs off a whiskied-up bully and finally rassles up a few dollars for Paw-paw's pills when he's tuckered out by the wayside. . . . A mite that jest might if you swaller real hard.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1968
Publisher: McKay-Luce