FARAWAY FARM by Hilda Boden


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To Giles Sarah, little Polly and Mrs. Weatherby, the idea of leaving their crowded London apartment for a farm in the Scottish Highlands held great promise. But Robin, handicapped by polio, could not conceive of life in such remote, primitive surroundings. The absence of water, plumbing, and electricity and the unfriendly demeanor of the Sir Ian do not faze the other Weatherbys, but compound Robin's troubles. Then one day, Robin spots salmon poachers on their property and, in spite of himself, swims the entire pond to warn Sir Ian. At the Hogmanay he is offered a kilt of friendship and Giles is given the right to fish in the valuable salmon filled waters. Customs of modern Scotland are new to the English Weatherbys and with them we adjust to and comprehend the life there. A most pleasant family story.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1961
Publisher: McKay