THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DAY by Hilda Sidney Krech


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Occupation..... housewife"" is no longer quite enough for Margaret Hayes who wants to add another dimension to her life as the wife of Carl, a successful architect in Berkeley, California, and mother of two boys. Her need for a ""thing apart"" leads to a part time job with a polling service, later full time at a psychological center. There is the stimulus not only of her work but also of contacts with other men which strengthen her interest in Carl; but there is as well a certain guilt (that she may be neglecting her boys) needled by the criticism of others, and inescapable after Danny has a nearly fatal accident (although she is at home at the time). Giving up her job to be with him during the long, slow months of recovery, she must later learn to give him up-when he is ready to go it along again..... A problem posed and personalized identifiably- for other women, there is greater recognition here than distinction. The Josephine Lawrence audience, although this has a younger, fresher touch, would be the one to try.

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1958
Publisher: Knopf