SORRY TO BE SO CHEERFUL by Hildegard Dolson
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A gay disregard for hiding her highlights under a shining blush marks these backward glimpses of private and public life and Miss Dolson gives tongue (sometimes in check) to opinions, experiences, abilities and home base incidents. Whether it is the reward of being a ""true drab blonde"", or the foolish contentmens of living alone and adoring it, or the kindly but obvious matchmaking of her friends, there seem to be few encounters that her home town, Franklin, Pennsylvania, have not prepared her for. There are insomnia cures; an interview with Emily Post and a lion tamer; Greenwich Village and rowboating in Central Park; she suffers through a cold in Mexico with a local doctor, and turns with a snarl on an unspringlike Paris; she contemplates, with some confusion, white lies and taking care of your husband's leisure; she has shopping uncertainties and a flying lesson --and you, the reader, will have a good time with these light hearted pleces.

Pub Date: July 8th, 1955
Publisher: Random House