BEAUTY SLEEP by Hildegarde Dolson


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Madame Velanie, Connecticut's answer to Elizabeth Arden, summons artistsleuth-widow Lucy Ramsdale (""Loozy!"") to immortalize the Velanie Spa with some publicity paintings. So Lucy suns, sketches, and discovers Madame's body--she's been dumbbelled to death while snoozing upside down on a yoga board. Spouse and client suspects abound, and you can be sure that the one (ex-hubby, ex-accountant Arnold) who guiltily suicides isn't the one. You can also be sure that Dolson milks the cosmetic milieu for all the cute, bitchy, talky potential therein, that it goes on too long, and that those charmed by Lucy and her sidekick Mac won't mind the fact that it's ""bizzy, bizzy, bizzy.

Pub Date: May 18th, 1977
Publisher: Lippincott