OPEN THE DOOR by Hildegarde Dolson


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Once a upon a time a charming 33-year-old Cinderella named Miss Campbell determinedly tucked herself away in a small Greenwich Village apartment vowing never again to look beyond her scruffy plant, sardonically named ""Prince Charming."" Then one day Miss Campbell ran into two modern enchantments on the stairs as well as a cat named Merlin. The two little spellbinders were named Nonna and Robbie and together they foiled the witchy downstairs neighbor who had the bad habit of hissing ""old maid"" at poor Miss Campbell. Soon introverted Miss Campbell had been transformed into ""that wonderful Treat lady"" by a strange magic that she regards suspiciously as ""an uprush of maternity to the brain"" and the kids take over her apartment and her heart. In the meantime their parents introduce our heroine to a man who is charming but no Prince but Miss Campbell, a copy editor by profession, has met someone else whom she illogically suspects of being a villain. He's an author who probably writes those novels-- ""Narcissus at the Cesspool."" Mis Campbell feels superior; hadn't she done the research for the bestselling ""Sex Life of a Gypsy Moth?"" (non-fiction). But naturally the villain turns out to be heroic and there is only the small matter of a cuddly, cloying blonde sorceress to deal with (his ex-wife). Miss Dolson weaves a witty, worldly spell.

Pub Date: Aug. 17th, 1966
Publisher: Lippincott