THE HUSBAND WHO RAN AWAY by Hildegarde Dolson


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Here is Addison Stubbs, who, ruled by his wife and her mother, runs away from home after he has eavesdropped on some plain truths about their feelings for him. Hitchhiking to New York, he (literally) acquires a deus ex-machina in a truck driver, Lam Maloney, and two protectors in Avis and Deena, after he has arrived in town. Through his mentors, Addison is successful in escaping police capture, is transformed by new clothes and a new attitude toward the world. Because he finds a place for himself and his special talent which wins him city-wide fame. His wife catches up with him but finds he is quite another person. Without the exaggerations of Thorne Smith, this still follows the pattern of a shriveled life expanding under special conditions, and the crispness of the writing, the pleasantness of the characters, and unstressed humor of situation make it amusing.

Publisher: Random House