THE TERRIFIED SOCIETY by Hildegarde T. Tellhet
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Along the Graham Greene - Hitchcock lines, this story of a rabble rouser, terrorizer, who, evading the law, learns what loss of security, pursuit, terror in its personal form mean. One of the heads of American United, Inc., Tom Jarrot's techniques bring about the attack and mutilation of a well known violinist, Mannheimer. Tom, desperate to avoid apprehension, hides out in a sanatorium, meets with his double crossing associates, makes his way to Guatemala, connects with his girl, Gabrielle. She introduces him to a Guatemalan group intent on running the whites out of their country (reversing Tom's personal aims in his own country) and he is constrained to cooperate. A widow, met on route (who turns out to be the sister of the ruined Mannheimer) changes from consecration to vengeance to aiding Tom in his attempts to avoid being found. And it is her detective who accurately estimates Tim's influence and virulence in present day society. A novel of the breathe-down-your-neck school, which uncovers the practices of professional deception, the irritants of anti-social life, the dangers of persecution and flight, which is exceptional in its complete Central American background, its pick of characters.

Pub Date: July 24th, 1947
Publisher: Doubleday