HERO BY PROXY by Hildegarde Tolman
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Plenty of action, mystery, adventure, unorthodox romance, agents provocateurs, and feel and color of Central America and its sentiments, all give this potentialities beyond the straight adventure market. Halfstuffed shirt, Phineas, a career boy in cement, is forced to take his world-correspondent brother's place in collecting information on the Nazi infiltration of a Central American country. The brother is wounded and shipped out of the country, and Phineas, left with little information as to friends and enemies, finds he is accused of the murder of the Minister of War, is almost killed by a determined murderer, and conks the guy who rescues him only to learn his samaritan is the Chief of Police. He gets his hands on the documents, joins up with Tony, disguised as a boy and daughter of the President, finds a corpse in his rooms, etc. etc. and eventually pulls through all this and successfully. As in the case of John August, has a double market -- yand it's good for both.

Pub Date: June 10th, 1942
Publisher: Little, Brown