ASH OCK: Vol. II of The Paratwa Saga by Hinz Christopher

ASH OCK: Vol. II of The Paratwa Saga

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Following the disastrous Anachronisms (1988), a sequel to Liege-Killer (1987), Hinz's futuristic thriller debut with odd but effectively realized ideas: part two of what is now a projected trilogy. Twenty-six years have passed since the defeat of the insane Paratwa warrior-assassin, Reemul; now future society is threatened by an inexplicable series of bloody slaughters, possibly the work of another Paratwa (two bodies controlled by one mind). So our expert Paratwa-catchers--the warrior Gillian (the surviving half of an Ash Ock, or royal Paratwa) and his dwarfish, computer-whiz sidekick, Nick--are once more awakened from suspended animation. They face formidable difficulties, since an entire fleet of specially bred, top-of-the-line Paratwa is returning from space, intent on conquest, and yet another Ash Ock mole is loose, plotting and manipulating. The agent of the slaughters turns out to be a Paratwa with not two but three bodies. Gillian keeps spontaneously turning into his totally mad royal forebear. Even worse, Gillian and Nick no longer trust each other. And a mysterious Someone has bred some physically superior humans, to unknown ends. Complicated stuff, well orchestrated though, with enough action to keep things moving. Be warned, however, that this entry's not independently intelligible--it lacks even a token ending--so those already hooked had better stay tuned.

Pub Date: Nov. 22nd, 1989
Publisher: St. Martin's