THE PEACE WE FIGHT FOR by Hiram Motherwell


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Although the author says this is not a blue print for after the war, but a projection of some of the problems we will have to face, there are nevertheless a good many theoretical suggestions of what will have to be done in this discussion. The day of Armistice will be a day of anarchy, a Europe of expatriated peoples without work, food, money, machines. America will have to feed Europe; a super government must be set up to establish a sound currency, to regulate commerce, world trade. A federation of Europe may be the solution. Motherwell takes up certain specific problems of nationalism, the Chinese and Japanese question, Russia -- whom he believes has no aggressive aims. He believes that the answer to permanent peace lies in the conception of community of interest, rather than that of balance of power. Theory, which is valid, but I question whether the book will have more than a supplementary market.

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1942
Publisher: Harper