LIFELINE: The Ships & Men of our Merchant Marins at War by Hobert Carse

LIFELINE: The Ships & Men of our Merchant Marins at War

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Facts and figures, performance and technicalities of the Merchant Marine, its history and its part in today's war. A story of shipping and the men and organizations which have made the U.S. finally foremost in production and achievements, of the protection and safeguards offered by the Maritime Commission and the N.M.U. Then of new ships, -- the Liberties, the C-2, C-1, C-3, their advantages and their improvements. Of the Merchant Marine's heritage and men from its ranks who have won medals and honors today. Of the armed guards now in action. Of maritime instruction, service schools, academies, cadats, the new Hospital Corpsmen and Ship's Clerks training of convoy and escort work; of a composite picture of the lifeline in the Pacific, in the Atlantic. Not adventure in the sense of the story quality, but adventure in the tardy recognition of the ""key to all war"" convoying and its courage and dependability. A factual book, useful for reference and general background reading by the author of There Go the Ships. Big seaport sale especially.

Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1943
Publisher: Morrow