LAUGHING INTO GLORY by Hodge MacIlvain agleson


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This is the autobiography of a preacher, but don't let that frighten you"" -- such are the opening words of the author's foreword. The apparently large group of people who think of ministers as sanctimonious, unctuous ""stuffed-shirts"" should read this book and learn that most preachers are real human beings. Other people who think that ministers have nothing to do but preach a sermon once a week should read this book and learn about the variety of things a minister has to do , a small town -- out the church, teach boxing to village hoodlums, organize a boys' club; repair the church, rebuild it, finance it, get boys out of jail, keep habitual drunkards out of jail. This minister had a lot of fun being a minister -- so do most of his colleagues, but few of them have the gift of communicating that fact to others. They are too . This preacher knew how to laugh. Many should read this book and laugh with him. Incidentally, Hollywood might take a look at this manuscript. It could be made into a Protestant Going My Way.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1947
Publisher: George W. Stewart