WE DISSENT by Hoke Ed. Norris


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There are thirteen dissenters collected here, including such notables as Ralph McGill, Jonathan Daniels, Hobling Carter and Florida's Governor Collins; all are Southern-born, Southern-raised, white-Protestants- therefore the charge of ""out-sidism' cannot be leveled against them. Although a few do not absolutely oppose segregation, they do oppose the know-nothing rabble rousers, Klansmen, White Citizens' Councils and states' rightists; in addition, they reject the legend of ""moonshine and magnolias"". For them, massive change not massive resistance is the reality; caste etiquette is neither Christian nor Constitutional; the ""separate but equal"" doctrine is by now a legal anachronism; socioeconomic progress must have state and congressional backing and benefit all; not the outer promptings of communism but the inner promptings of democracy propel today's Freedom Riders. The essayists vary in political approach and program, yet all speak of public issues with a personal, almost impassioned commitment; most love the South's traditions and values, but know the perversions and perplexities engulfing them are based on age-old bigotry and buncombe, and the resultant breakdown of communication between whites and blacks, between generation and between extremes is the legacy they examine. A book of immediacy and illumination, one we hope the USIA will distribute round the world to offset the headlines out of Dixie these troubled years.

ISBN: 1150792639
Publisher: St. Martin's Press