MINN OF THE MISSISSIPPI by Holling Clancy Holling
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Mr. Holling's interests and subjects follow as desultory path as the Mississippi, but he can certainly be forgiven, for this new lovely picture book, bursting with legend, history, natural science, convincing personalities and even a few wise saws, has such a ountiful collection of loving detail and good story, that it is bound to keep the reader happy and busy for some time. In the career of Minn, a snapping turtle, as she is carried, often against her will, down the Mississippi, the author has revealed the fabulous life of the great river,- the busy cities, wild bayous, lonely and lovely regions, all kinds of men and boats, and always -present reminders of the past in the magical underwater life of which Minn is a part, relics of bygone civilizations, and the course of the river as it meanders, rushes and rips down its two thousand five hundred miles.

ISBN: 0395273994
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin