PADDLE -TO-THE-SEA by Holling Clancy Holling
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In the June 1st issue we reported this book -- the gist of the report being that ""through a simple little story the ways of tides and men are traced in the adventures of a foot long Indian ranoe, launched with a message asking finders to help it on towards the sea. For three years the model went, through storm and flood, adventures and misadventures, from French Canada, by the Great Lakes, rivers, overland (with helpful finders), finally to reach its goal, the sea, then to be carried across the ocean to France."" No illustrations were then available, and now that we have the beautiful finished book, we want to add further word of its unique value, the superb illustrations-full pages in color, perfectly reproduced, opposite every page of text; the text pages with decorative marginal drawings. As a unified whole, the book stands out as probably the most beautiful book of the year, with the additional factor of educational value in the gradually built up background of our Canadian boundary waters. Don't miss it -- Grand value at price.

ISBN: 0395292034
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin