CHINA AFTER SEVEN YEARS OF WAR by Hollington K. -- Ed. Tong


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A fill-in for previous books on China at war, this dozen articles that give an all-over picture of the people, the cities, the place of women in the war world and their importance in the future, the work of guerilla farmers against the Japanese, student life, the artistic war world, the progress towards constitutional government (this alone stresses political aspects -- and the author feels progress is being made), the Chinese National Air Corporation and what it means to the country, the Chinese-American Composite Wing is the air war, United States training of Chinese in American ""know how"" Chinese hardiness in the Burma jungles. Here --outside finance and business -- is the life of China in spite of seven years of war, of Chungking and its unbeaten vitality, of little towns and their handling of new ways of the attitudes of the men and women, old and young, of what the future may bring. From the inside, this has a feel of intimate knowledge and appreciation of the questions investigated. But it does not contribute much to understanding the controversial issues.

Pub Date: Feb. 13th, 1945
ISBN: 1443729124
Publisher: Macmillan