TOO BIG by Holly Keller


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New-baby blues, as experienced by big brother Henry, a mouse (guessably) who tries to get into little Jake's cradle, drink from a bottle, and get diapered along with his new brother. Each rime he's told, ""You're too big."" But it's a pleased Henry himself who says ""I'm too big"" when he dresses up in Jake's new outfit and makes the relatives laugh. Then Grandma and Grandpa assure him, respectively, that he's not too big for a hug and for a brand new tricycle. As there's nothing new about the story, the appeal must come from Keller's softly colored cartoons of the mouse characters. To this viewer, they are mildly unpalatable rather than cute or amusing.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1983
Publisher: Greenwillow