GOODBYE, MAX by Holly Keller


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A story of grieving for a pet and moving on to a new one. When Ben's old dog Max dies, his father prematurely brings home a new puppy. Ben doesn't want to look at him, and calls him ugly. ""What should we call him?"" the father asks. ""Nothing"" is the cold response. Max had died while Ben was in school, and Ben had wanted to stay home with him. With the help of his young friend, Ben turns from blaming his mother and the doctor to shedding tears when the two think of Max's small accidents because of his aging condition. ""Remember. . .he dropped it right in the puddle?"" With this grieving, Ben can be ready for the new puppy. While Ben goes through the crucial grieving positions of lethargy, anger, sadness, etc., the time frame of only a week is short. Goodbye, Max seems to advocate replacing pets right away and waiting for the child to come around, rather than having parents understand that grief must take its own time.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1987
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Greenwillow