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Secret Adventures of Zeddy

by Holy Ghost Writer

Pub Date: Jan. 6th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1481096492
Publisher: CreateSpace

In Holy Ghost Writer’s third installment of his 12-book series, Zeddy, a young boy, embarks on an epic journey to find and save his father.

It’s 2099, and a strict International Government rules the world. In this police state, the International Government has rewritten history for its benefit, smart children are taken from their parents to work for the government, new laws are decreed daily, and the environment and ozone are in great jeopardy of collapsing from years of abuse. Zeddy is 6 going on 16. His IQ is through the roof, he loves books, and he’s a science whiz, just like his father, Zane. Since Zane has a deep knowledge of science, he’s made to work part time for the International Government. When Zane mysteriously disappears, Zeddy and his mother embark on a journey to find him. Since the International Government, however, is strict, suspicious and seemingly ubiquitous, the two must be careful not to get caught digging into a government employee’s disappearance. Before embarking on his search, Zeddy discovers a zutterfly. A zutterfly is similar to a butterfly but is made of dark matter. They are one of the inhabitants of the planet Zamira. The zutterfly somehow came to Earth with Zane and wishes to return to Zamira. Zeddy intuits that Zamira and this zutterfly are the keys to discovering his father’s location. The Holy Ghost Writer departs from his/her normal reliance on previously developed characters in this third book. Though this originality is refreshing, the plot, scenes and character development remain thin. For instance, Zeddy wants to research a professor who might be able to help find his father. The International Government can monitor all Internet searches, so in order to disguise his search, Zeddy follows his investigation with a search for a piece of information about space that is slightly related to the professor. Though it seems to be meant to display Zeddy’s craftiness and wit, it instead exposes a rather ignorant government that cannot see through such a simple decoy. The author hooks the reader more successfully than the previous two volumes, and Zeddy’s quick-paced search drives momentum and curiosity.

An easy and light read, especially for young sci-fi mystery lovers.