LET THE KING BEWARE! by Honore Morrow
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Mrs. Morrow is delving deep into our English backgrounds. First, in Yonder Sails the Mayflower she gave us England of the period when the Pilgrims were preparing to set sail from Plymouth. Now, she gives us England and the court of George III just before the War of Independence. One rarely hears of George III as anything but a bogey man -- her's is a sympathetic picture of a ruler eager to conciliate his colonies. The hero of the story is a Tory, but his roots are in America, and ultimately having played his part as King's Messenger to Benjamin Franklin, he is won back to the country be deserted. There is a tender love story. There is more of politics than in the last book, which, perhaps, slows up the plot. But it is sure to appeal to a wide public.

Pub Date: May 13th, 1936
Publisher: Morrow