TAKE ME TO MY FRIEND by Hope Dahle Jordan


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A novel of suspense and excitement in which a young girl proves equal to a harrowing experience. Julie James is unhappy spending Christmas in Florida with her grandmother. She misses the fanfare of her familiar Wisconsin holiday and most of all she misses her beau Peter. When a crisis hits home, Julie is required to drive the interminable distance from Florida to Wisconsin, with the full responsibility of her grandmother's safety. Frightened but challenged, Julie sets out, only to violate the first rule of the road. The sign carried by a pair of hitchhikers reads ""Take Me To My Friend"" and Julie is intrigued. She picks up the hitchhikers and with them, the most frightening experience of her life. Johnny Woodlight, a sly and shifty character refuses to be dropped. When Hai (his companion) turns out to be a girl and Johnny a hardened thief, Julie and her grandmother discover they are prisoners. How Julie outwits her captors, saves her grandmother's jewels and leads the car directly into the path of friends makes for spine-tingling adventure. Few girls will put this down, sustained by relentless action as well as the note of romance between Julie and her rescuer who turns out to be her old friend Peter. Well written, tight melodrama.

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1962
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard