THE WAY TO REHEMA'S HOUSE: An East African Diary by Hope Spencer

THE WAY TO REHEMA'S HOUSE: An East African Diary

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Mrs. Hope (Rockefeller) Spencer's journal of her two year stay in urban East Africa shares the virtues and vices of amateur writing: honesty and innocent enthusiasm, cozy household language and tired adjectives. The day-to-day format jumbles together household adjustments (disposable diapers double-quick from Bloomingdale's), social contacts, meaningful friendships, political observation, domestic and servant problems. The author readily describes the very natural petty irritations and unavoidable mistakes of a foreigner in Africa and reflects on the difficulty of returning to American life. It's an earnest, faithful account of one well-meaning woman's point of view, too personal and diffuse for a general audience; will be liked best by friends of Mrs. Spencer and would-be Peace Corps Volunteers.

Pub Date: Aug. 22nd, 1967
Publisher: Simon and Schuster