SPERANZA: A Biography of Lady Wilde by Horace Wyndham

SPERANZA: A Biography of Lady Wilde

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Deeply pathetic rather than tragic was the life of Lady Wilde, the mother of Oscar Wilde, for in spite of her beauty, wit, her gifts for writing, her generous freedom-loving nature, there was, unfortunately, something a little spurious about the mother of the famous poet and playwright. This is a sympathetic account of her life. It tells of her youth in Dublin; her marriage to a gifted doctor who dabbled in archaeology as well as occasional scandals; her contributions to the movement of freedom in Ireland; her ""salons"" -- mixed and mongrel to a degree; her move to London after her husband's death where for a time she still continued to cut a figure, chiefly due to the loyal attendance of her son. But at last disgrace and loneliness overtook her, and she died poverty-stricken and alone. And the final estimate is that she was not as important as she believed she was. This will have its primary attraction for those interested in Oscar Wilde, and copies of some of his rarest writings are included in the appendix.

Publisher: Philosophical Library