GUNNERMAN by Horatio Bigelow


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The kind of book that makes the reader sorry we've ""progressed"" and ""outgrown"" the village life of a century ago, the plantation era when there was time to hunt, shoot and live, to keep hospitality foremost and good cooking and drinking an art. For these are stories of people and places, of attempts to restore the old estates and houses and enjoy the game and country of our South. Virginia and the Carolinas are faithfully drawn, the atmosphere of leisure and charm prevails throughout. The story of the fine old Scott is typical; the Hell Hole gang is typical; so is the nostalgia produced by southern shooting trips. Mr. Bigelow felt it and in time succumbed. He writes of a land which he has loved long and now calls Home. ""Glen Burnie"" has risen again and the Bigelows enjoy the fine old place to the full.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1939
Publisher: Derrydale