HOLLYWOOD, THE DREAM FACTORY by Hortense Powdermaker


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An anthropologist's coolly scientific and thoroughly documented analysis of the transient, illusionary world of Hollywood which shows the interaction of the dreams it manufactures on our society-from which- in turn- they stem. Believing that Hollywood is not a reflection- but rather a ""caricature of selected contemporary tendencies"", this analyzes prevalent types and techniques as well; the accent on sex and money; the impermanence and instability of the life there; the power of the front office, of censorship, of monopolies of production and distribution; producers, writers, directors, and the rewards which are financial rather than occupational; the star system- and the publicization of private lives; and the whole inclination of this society towards the totalitarian rather than the democratic. Facts as well as faces brighten the examination which is not too seriously angled to catch popular interest.

Publisher: Little, Brown