CHRISTIAN WORSHIP: Its History and Meaning by Horton Davies
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CHRISTIAN WORSHIP: Its History and Meaning

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The purpose of this valuable book is to show the interested reader that forms of public worship didn't just grow, or appear as the result of the contrivance of certain imaginative individuals. Rather, Christian worship has a history of growth and development relative to the needs of the people through the ages. Dr. Davies traces this history, analyzes the meaning of the various forms of worship, and sets forth the human situation and need to which they are relevant, as much today as in days that have passed. He also discusses private and common prayer, chants, anthems and hymns, and gives his answer to the questions about why men go to church and worship at all. The book is well written in popular style for Protestant Christians especially. Laymen especially will find it helpful in making their own worship more real. The author is Professor of Religion at Princeton University.

ISBN: 1406758744
Publisher: Abingdon