THE EXPLOITS OF XENOPHON by Household Geoffrey


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Geoffrey Household the novelist has made a likeable translation of Xenophon, abridged it to a practical length for World Landmark Books, and served young readers with what we hope will be a stimulus to learn Greek but which may more likely be a deterrent- as reading it this way is far easier and still a fairly complete coverage of the events. The significance of Xenophon's military methods is emphasized in introductory remarks and chapter headings, the strong infantry and the other tactics that were later to help Alexander to success. In translation, Xenophon's reference to himself in the third person has been changed to the first person and modernized pharololgy has been used where possible. A good sense of Xenohon's energy and Greek enterprise in Persia emerges from the abridgement.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1955
Publisher: Random House