SHAD RUN by Howard Breslin


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1788, the year of the ratification of the American Constitution, is also a year of decision for young (sixteen) Lancey Quist which will determine the course of her affections. A fishmonger's daughter, born and bred on the Hudson, Lancey is pert and proud, and can choose between Dirck van Zandt, a ""rich patroon Dutchy"", and Justin Pattison, a New Englander, a former soldier, and now fighting the Constitution which he holds favors the rich against the poor. With Dirck- and his family- Lancey is never at a loss, but she underestimates her attraction to Dirck, mistakes her respect for Justin for love and agrees to marry him. Pattison is betrayed to a Massachusetts sheriff as a member of Shay's rebellion, with a price on his head; Lancey brings Dirck to help him and witnesses a duel between the two- and only then realizes it is Dirck she loves.... The romantic, regional character of his earlier books again predominates and will predispose this toward their audience. Likeable

Pub Date: Oct. 3rd, 1955
Publisher: Crowell