THE RENEWAL OF HOPE by Howard Clark Kee


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In the midst of a ""beat"" generation which sells hope short, it is good to have a new interpretation of the signs of the times which finds grounds for hope in a patient examination in the Old-New Testament tradition with all that it means for the renewal of hope on this and every generation. The Old Testament ends with its hopes of redemption unfulfilled, but Israel's hopes are transformed in the New Testament, --and these hopes are still the hopes of men to be consumated, with the prayer ""Thy Kingdom Come"" still as meaningful and valid as ever. In terms of personal realization as well as the betterment of society through social and political action, Dr. Howard Kee, Associate Professor of New Testament at Drew University Theological School, spells out what Christian hope means in responsibility toward neighbor, its power to provide men with meaning in their vocation, and its perils when it is clung to irresponsibly, divorced from appropriate action. A good book for serious young people as well as their seniors. This is a ""Haddam House"" book.

Pub Date: May 6th, 1959
Publisher: Association Press