THE MASK OF WISDOM by Howard Clewes


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An often provocative blend of political satire and personal melodrama which is also not without spiritual implications, this portrays a once Fascist, now defeated central European country under the supervision of an Allied Commission. Working for the Commission is Thea Njemcova, who as a girl had been unwillingly forced unto a relationship with a former Fascist leader, had borne a child, Stefan, whom she had abandoned and denied. It is Stefan, ""Holy Joe's bastard"", who arouses public protest and demands for his execution. Turned over to the Commission for jurisdiction, Stefan escapes, is kidnapped by the Communists, and eventually performs a miracle. And Thea, after the illusion of a former love affair has been destroyed, finally acknowledges Stefan as her son, goes to follow him... This may find a selective and special audience, but for the general reader, the philosophic, metaphysical intention may be confusion.

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 1949
Publisher: Dutton