SAMMI'S ARMY by Howard Cook


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This big picture book has two counts in its favor that would point to good sales:- adults who like sprawly, modernistic lithographic drawings, with the quality of the Monioan School of mural painting, will be enthusiastic about Howard Cook's pictures; people who are looking for a war tie-up in a book for small children, may feel that this supplies that need. That is as far as I should be willing to go in recommending the book. Personally, I have a feeling that children will find the pictures confusing, just as younger children find Benson and Daugherty confusing. And the vocabulary and use of Mexican proper names for the animals of Samms's Army makes the text difficult for the picture book level. The story tells of a small Mexican lad who starts each day with friendly rounds of his animal companions. On one particular day, he discovered a boatload of strange soldiers, and -- with the help of his animal friends -- he captured them and held them until the villagers took over.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran