THE ROMANTIC READER by Howard E.- Ed. Hugo


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The writers of the Romantic Age, which Mr. Hugo roughly circumscribes by the dates 1770-1848, revolted against the hackneyed, outworn specifications of the past. Though this movement was variegated in form and ideology, there are certain common denominators which permit the comprehensive category. The Romantics exalted the faculties of imagination and feeling above the previously sacrosanct faculty of intellect. They took political stands in accordance with their recognition of the dynamic relationship between art and society. Representative selections from European and American Romantics include cuttings from Werther by Goethe, from Confessions by Rousseau, from oby Dick, Walden, The Ancient Mariner Gautier's History of Romanticism, assorted poems by Shelley, Keats, Blake, Byron, Wordworth, and Heine. There are commentaries by Hegel, Hazlitt, Chateaubriand and Lamb. The Biographical List of Authors and the Suggestions for Further Reading will elaborate this age for the ambitious student.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1957
Publisher: Viking