THE POWER by Howard E. Goldfluss


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The Sturdivant saga, begun in The Judgment (1986), continues as the Widow Sturdivant becomes the lieutenant governor of New York--and finds herself with too little to do. Ambitious Loren Sturdivant has stepped into the power vacuum that resulted when her husband's career flamed out somewhere over Albany. Now she's running for lieutenant governor on the Democratic ticket--where her mesmerizing beauty and spellbinding oratorical skills are desperately needed to bring the much more experienced but less sexually desirable Mayor Klyk of Buffalo into real contention with the incumbent Republican. The mayor and the widow were an item for a while, but that's over now, since there are times when politicians shouldn't be bedfellows and they need every bit of energy they have for the race. Thanks to tireless campaigning and a lot of borderline demagoguery on the part of Loren Sturdivant, the pair squeak into office, whereupon a desperately bored Mrs. Sturdivant discovers that a huge office and a state limo are no substitute for the power that goes with the top job. It drives her nuts to see Governor Klyk and his handsome ombudsman Scott Morgan--the man who eased her tenstions on election night--having all the fun with environmental issues and refusing to let her play. So she meddles, and when she discovers that the Governor has AIDS, she's ready to chuck him out of the statehouse. It's too bad that the Loren Sturdivant character is silly and largely unconvincing, because the nuts-and-bolts political background here is strong, believable, and entertaining.

Pub Date: May 31st, 1988
Publisher: Donald Fine