DREAMS IN YOUR LIFE by Howard E. Smith


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It is unfortunate that the author has chosen to begin this titillating grab bag of hard and soft dream miscellanea with ""The Occult and Religion in Dreams."" The occult/religious view of dreams--with illustrations ranging from the testimony of a Sioux medicine man through theosophists to Edgar Cayce--is often but one aspect of a subtle, total scheme, so that these bits and dabs are merely a collection of serendipitous exotica. A historical section covers in a hurried, oversimplified, but in the main reliable fashion the work of Freud, Jung and Perls. Then the author opens up the good stuff--a review of landmark laboratory work on dream-sleep and of various current theories. At the close, there are directions for keeping a dream diary and more addenda concerning interpretation of symbols, colors and other misty matters which go on before the alarm clock rings. A little bit about a lot of things--but not up to the Silversteins' Sleep and Dreams (1974).

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Doubleday