DISARMAMENT: The Road to Peace by Howard E. Smith

DISARMAMENT: The Road to Peace

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An impassioned but clear-eyed view of nuclear disaster, why and how we must avoid it. Beginning with the June 12, 1982, peace march, Smith views the freeze movement as capable of changing history. He describes the types of nuclear weapons presently available and on the drawing board and graphically depicts what even lesser weapons can do (e.g., on many survivors of Hiroshima ""long ribbons of skin hung down in loops""). Nuclear winter, detente, deterrence, the SALT talks, etc. are discussed, as well as why we get into disarmament, and one-world government. Smith also points out that the losers of WW II have become the winners (e.g., Japan's technological progress because of its lack of armaments), that little scientific investigation was done before Star Wars was announced, and the nuclear dangers we face from terrorists. From a point of view clearly opposed to the Reagan Administration's defense policy, an up-to-date look at world events.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1986
Page count: 189pp
Publisher: Messner