WORKS OF LOVE by ; Howard & Edna Hong Transls.


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The importance of the writings of Soren Kierkegaard, the Danish Christian existentialist who has had great influence on Modern Theology, is being increasingly recognized. Much of what he has written is difficult for the general reader to understand unless his mystical insight and philosophical perception and concepts be highly and acutely trained. But in Works of Love, which the author calls ""some Christian reflections in the form of "", the reader who persists will find the author meeting him where he is. There is a not familiar to the modern reader, and a prolixity of thought and expression which asks for careful attention and constant effort, -- but the reward is a broadening, a deepening, and a heightening of the knowledge of love, both from man to man and from man to God. The translation conveys both the intensity and urgency of Kierkegaard, a worthy addition to the growing English library of his writings.

Publisher: Harper