PULPIT AND TABLE by Howard G. Hageman


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In keeping with the general liturgical revival and renewal throughout Christen, here is a book of history, a close scrutiny of antecedents, and a strong plea for illurgical development within the Reformed Churches, with guide-lines to help the development hold true to its own genius. Fully recognizing that the Church he represents is ""under the Word"", which traditionally has meant a strong emphasis on preaching, (the pulpit) and the Scripture, he strongly reminds us that the often casual liturgical practice of the Reformed Church is also under the judgement of Scripture, which makes plain the fact that Word and Sacrament together form the way in which Christ meets his people in worship, and that it is dangerous to seek to dispense with either the pulpit or the altar, (the table). The minister of any Church in the Reformed tradition needs to know what Dr. Howard G. Hageman, minister of the North Reformed Church in Newark, N.J., has written here; their services are bound to become more cohesive and creative as they understand more of this too often blurred history.

Publisher: John Knox Press