UNRTOW by Howard Maier


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More than a military misfit, this is the story of the maladjusted civilian-into-army life who brings his conscious and unconscious fears into his new environment. Through the collapse brought on by duty in Texas, in a Guard Squadron, the futile emergency duty, the murdering of a Negro, and the neurotic response to M.P., Russ Davis bridges backward into the skeletons in his family cupboard. His family, his adolescence and maturity, the psychotic madness which resulted in suicide for his brother --through the delicate patterns of childish fantasies, enlightening by an Army psychiatrist working to find the answers to Russ' enveloping and overwhelming reactions to Army life -- Russ finally is helped to an awareness of his adult irresponsibility, its causes and the compromise he must make... This is not a story dealing with the problems of a veteran from overseas, but with those for whom the military routine has intensified the crises arising from lifelong complexities -- a holding, slow motion picture of neurosis.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1945
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran