THE MEDICAL OFFENDERS by Howard & Martha Lewis


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Since Martin Gross' combative The Doctors and an anonymous M.D.'s The Healers of two years ago, there has been no attempt to sully the men in white. Louis Lasagna's Doctors' Dilemmas of last year was more reserved and qualifying. Soundly researched and controlled in tone, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis table familiar acts of malfeasance, dereliction, negligence and outright incompetence--those who overcharge or overprescribe; those who protect their own (expulsion is rare and the A.M.A. and state societies exercise no authority or discipline towards its members). Hospitals also muffle performances by the personnel; there are as many gratuitous procedures as exploitative fees; doctors not only own drugstores, profitably, but may peddle drugs (27% of the addicts in Lexington, Kentucky, are their victims), etc., etc., etc. This proceeds through all kinds of actions and malpractice suits where professional secrecy extends indeed beyond the grave. . . . As a counterinjunction, the authors present a fifteen-point program of specifics and there are notes, sources and appendices which authorize. The book, unfortunately, appears not only in the wake of others but also in fine print which belongs only on a medicine bottle--a disservice to it and a deterrent to the reader.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1969
Publisher: Simon & Schuster