AN ANIMAL LIFE by Howard Nelson Krum


The Beginning


Krum, with the help of with Yanong and Moore, takes the reader into the heart and mind of a new student at veterinary school.

The first-year class of vet school at the University of Philadelphia is a group as varied as the animals they will be treating. But one thing unites them: a passion for their work. Jack, Anna, Sam and several others soon find themselves in over their heads as their commitment to healing their favorite creatures proves itself to be a struggle involving sleepless nights, scratching claws and stinging bites. As their professor warns, “Five from your class will not make it to year two…only about 65 of you will graduate.” But what they learn about animals doesn’t compare to what they discover about one another and themselves. For Jack, it’s navigating increasing intimacy with fellow classmate Anna, the attractive, dying woman whose defenses make their relationship difficult. For Sam, his learning disability means that he will have to work harder than his gifted peers and hope that he can keep up. As the students struggle with managing their rigorous schedules and healing their sometimes challenging patients, a huge tragedy looms that will test their resilience. Fast-paced and humorous, this detailed account of a first year at vet school brims with cringe-worthy moments and rich descriptions. The witty, believable characters fumble through their relationships much as they muddle their way through their studies. Those interested in animals as well as people will find much to admire in this work.

A zany and heartfelt account of life in veterinary school.

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 2012
ISBN: 978-0988488502
Page count: 314pp
Publisher: Fluid Design Foundation
Program: Kirkus Indie
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