A SUNSET TOUCH by Howard Spring


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The contemporary story of how a middle-aged man, completely absorbed in his family's eighteenth century background, learns about life- real life, that is- and love. Roger Menheniod, through a series of coincidences, inherits much money from a formerly unknown relative which enables him to buy Rosemullion, the Menheniot ancestral home in a small Cornish village. When he goes there, to put his house in livable order, he meets Mr. Savage, a strange local minister, whose great age and devotion to his short-lived wife is a sources of great mystery. He also meets Kitty, a middle aged spinster, and her doctor brother. Kitty and Roger fall quietly in love, but because of his strange aversion to sex she refuses his proposal. In his dejection, he turns to Bella, a transit nymphomaniac, who eaches him to appreciate bodily things as well as the spiritual and historical. comes and something close to tragedy, but all ends happily for Kitty and Roger when he learns about ""giving oneself"" and living in the present. An overuse of coincidence and a bad grinding of the gears at each turn of the plot spoil what might have been a good, if conventional love story. Written smoothly, on the surface at least- and Howard Spring's- market particularly right after the success of The House In Between is not to be ignored.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1953
Publisher: Harper