THE DURABLE FIRE by Howard Swiggett


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Again that high executive echelon of The Power and the Prize for a story of big business and the very corporate enterprise of Stephen Lowry, recently hired by Continental Industries as a ""foreign specialist"", although his qualifications- notably his Estonian wife Rosalie- are unconventional. Disturbed by the behavior of his oldest friend, Jim Peale, Stephen is also the first to discover a transfer of some $50,000, the scandal to which it leads and the resignation of C.I.C. president Rutledge. A new president, whose unpleasant vigilance disrupts the entire firm, uses every kind of pressure- which Lowry resists, retaining his own standards of individuality and integrity. But it is the ""durable fire"" of his love for Rosalie (and her search for her missing family) which steadies him and sustains him in his career at C.I.C.- made more bearable by Rutledge's return to the presidency..... Not as tight a story as the earlier books, but big business is once again pressurized and glamorized for the soundest dollar return- reprints, ultimately the home or Hollywood screen, more immediately rentals.

Pub Date: June 12th, 1957
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin