THE POWER AND THE PRIZE by Howard Swiggett


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The politics and ethics of big business- as they infringe on the personal life of a young man of distinction- Cleves Barwick- provides an entertainment which is handled with a pleasant competence and confidence. Barwick, a Calvinist and careerist, is at forty a considerable success and sent to England to purchase a valuable process for Allied Metals, as Assistant Chairman of the Board. There he falls in love with a widow, Rachel Linka, who is also a refuges and a Jewess, and he allows nothing- even Rachel's sensitive hesitancy- to impede his decision to import and marry her immediately. He uses his firm's influence to secure a visa- but does not reckon with the prejudiced opposition of Salt, his superior, and the breach between them affects the firm as the negotiations with the British almost founder. But by the close it is Salt who is ruined by his obdurate prejudgment and Barwick retains both the power- and the prize... A personable portrait of men at work- and after hours- the directive here is of course towards the market of Executive Suite.

Pub Date: May 17th, 1954
Publisher: Ballantine