THE GROWING EDGE by Howard Thurman
Kirkus Star


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Here is a volume of sermon , but not just another volume of sermons. Howard Thurman, now dean of Marsh Chapel at Boston University, gives us a selection of those sermons he has preached to a wide variety of congregations, college, university and preparatory school chapels, Jewish synagogues and Protestant churches. He says, ""For me the sermon is an act of worship in which the preacher exposes his spirit and mind, as they seek to reveal the working of the spirit of the living God upon them."" Just so. And as one reads these sermons the preacher stands revealed and the reader understands himself as never before, for he too stands revealed before himself and before God. With poetic precision and grace Thurman does what he does in all that he has written (such as in his book of meditations, Deep is the Hunger) deal deftly and lovingly with the nature and needs of man as they find their fulfilment in close union with God. A book for all who are sensitive to the things of the spirit, that they may become more so.

Publisher: Harper