THE INWARD JOURNEY by Howard Thurman
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Whether he is writing verse or prose, the meditations of Howard Thurman, Dean of the Chapel of Boston University, turn out to be poetry. Whatever his thought, it is born from the depths of his spirit clothed with beauty and light. He knows man, and he knows God as the Eternal source and goal of life, and so he is able to lead men to see and understand their joys and their sorrows as part of God's plan for their lives. In Dr. Thurman, life and death are the ebb and flow of a single tide, identical twins, and a man may safely trust in the God who is the Father of Jesus Christ. These 113 meditations were originally written for the weekly Bulletin of Marsh Chapel, Boston University. They reveal a man who humbly walks with God, and by his words invites others to share the journey. A book to be read and prized by all who would strengthen the inner life of the spirit.

Pub Date: Aug. 16th, 1961
Publisher: Harper