BIG STONEY by Howard Walden
Kirkus Star


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Two years ago came Upstream and Down, introducing a new team, Walden and Weiler. The book was unique and made friends everywhere, and they formed a perfect team, with Walden's text and Weiler's illustrations, both revealing that incomparable lightness of touch and capacity to charm which wins plus sales to every sportsman who leafs through the pages. The spell of the big brown trout, the moods of the stream, Big Stoney, the group of grown men, who have still the youthful exuberance that fishermen seem to keep -- all of this is caught in the pages, written with humor, pathos and sheer drama. Fishermen will claim this book as their own, but any sportsman or anyone who likes a good yarn will enjoy it. Again a limited edition, so stock it promptly and secure any of its predecessor that you can locate, as the one sells the other, and they soon command a premium.

Publisher: Derrydale