THE SEX AGE by Howard Whitman


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This book deals with American attitudes towards sex and its author is convinced that both people are more confused than enlightened by what Sorokin has called the ""American sex revolution"". Whitman's point of view is traditional and moralistic and the tone of his book is on the level of the popular magazine article. He deplores the subversion of sex in advertising and book publishing, in increasingly frank ""films"", and the merchandising of sex in all its forms- -from the strip tease to the pandering pornography. He deals with the problems of prostitution, homosexuality, the high cost of ""free love"", and the particular problems sex presents to young people, the married and the unmarried, and the superficial description of the segments of life which sex inhabits or has invaded. The book can be said to cover the field. Other books however have dealt with these areas in depth and it's hard to believe that even the general reader could be unfamiliar with either this material or the validity of his message.

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1962
Publisher: Doubleday