CHILD OF THE ARCTIC by Hubert C. Woods
Kirkus Star


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An unusual story, without the somewhat anticipated pat ending, this presents a problem and finds an answer that is persuasive. Tooruk and Kumalik were twins- thirteen and identical, except in one vital respect. Kumalik was deaf and dumb. He had protected and isolated- and suddently be ran amok. ""Mad"" was the verdict- and only the young idealistic doctor and the old French trader in this remote Alaskan post urged another chance wit his brother as guardian. How the two boys, with the help of Dr. John and the young wife who shortly joined him, proved that Kumalik was far from mad and worthy of confidence make an exceptional story. There is adventure here- and a picture too of life in a distant post, still deep in superstition and remote from civilization.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1964
Publisher: Follett