BLACKOUT: The Human Side of Europe's March to War by Hubert P. Earle

BLACKOUT: The Human Side of Europe's March to War

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The son of the ex-governor of Pennsylvania summers abroad under the tutelage of Ambassador Bullitt. He witnessed the outbreak of war, and has told the story of the weeks leading up to it. This is distinguished only in being the first of what will probably be a deluge of personal experiences; in itself it is not unusual. He is a bit of a snob, a little patronizing, very youthful. He tells all he saw in the Paris Embassy; he writes of a trip through Germany prior to war, a visit to Biddle at the Warsaw Embassy. He spent the days when everyone was trying to escape Paris helping in the Embassy there, and saw what it meant to go through blackouts, air raids and so on. Plenty of chit-chat, inside picture of American aristocracy abroad.

Pub Date: Nov. 30th, 1939
Publisher: Lippincott